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I already have a domain. How to use it on my Pixtem website?

Last Updated: Nov 29, 2016 01:15PM WIB

To connect your existing domain, first you need to set your domain's A Record to To do that you must change the DNS setting in your domain's administration page (not your Pixtem's account), or perhaps seeking assistance from your administrator if you don't have the access to it. For reference, below is the record value you need to change if your domain is '' :

Host : "@" or "" or empty
IPv4 Address :
TTL : 86400

Host : "www" or "www."
IPv4 Address :
TTL : 86400

* please keep in mind that DNS settings can be different in every domain provider / domain administration page, try asking your domain provider for help if you having any trouble in adding those A records.
** depending on your domain provider, the A Record change could take up to 72 hours to propagate.

Next step is to register that domain name in your Pixtem site.
First, login to your Pixtem Administrator page, go to Settings > DNS & Domains > click 'Add New Domain' in the top right. Then in the 'Domain URL' you can type your domain name, for example: (without www.), and then click 'Submit'.

If your A Record settings have successfully propagated, then a 'Set as Primary Domain' button will show next to your domain name, click it to change the primary domain of your site. 

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